The mission of Our Space is to embrace children, teens and their families, who are facing cancer and other serious related chronic illnesses. Our space will inspire healing, peace, and joy, through creative exploration, play and connection to others.

bulletProvide a space where creativity, play, and connection to others is fostered in a supportive environment, which will assist in healing and restoring spirit.


bulletAllow the child/teen to continue to experience their role as child, friend, and family member, despite the many challenges that a life threatening illness can bring.


bulletFoster the belief that creating and using one’s hands is healing and restores spirit.


bulletOffer a space where children, teens, their families and friends can find support through being with others who have a shared experience.


bulletProvide experiences and an environment, which fosters joy, relaxation, confidence, acceptance and sensitivity to the needs of the child/teen.









connect and create



“Doing art takes your mind off the things you are worrying about and gives you time to relax”

12 year old participant at Christopher’s Haven, Boston


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