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our spaceWhat’s happening with Our Space?


our spaceOur Space offers one-day creative arts programs on a regular basis at:

- Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Pediatric Oncology/Hematology Outpatient Clinic.

- Boston Children’s Hospital - Pediatric Oncology/Hematology, Boston, MA

- Floating Hospital For Children- Pediatric Oncology/Hematology, Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA

- Jimmy Fund Clinic, Boston MA

- Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Boston MA

- Boston Medical Center, Boston MA


Our Space also hosts monthly evening programs at Christopher’s Haven, Boston, MA, and Home Away Boston, residences for families from out of state whose children are in treatment for cancer and other serious related chronic illnesses.


In addition, Our Space brings monthly programming to The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp in Ashford CT and provides home visits as requested.


Our Space is committed to providing more one-day programs to reach as many children/teens as possible and we are actively exploring opportunities to provide services, including one-day events outside hospital settings, in various communities throughout the state.



our spaceHow can my child/teen participate in Our Space programs if he/she isn’t receiving treatment at one of the hospitals where Our Space is providing services?


our spacePlease sign up on our email list or contact us directly so we can keep you informed of Our Space programs and events that will take place in a community environment.



our spaceWhat ages can participate?


our spaceOur Space will serve children and teens ages 1 - 18 facing or overcoming cancer and other serious related chronic illnesses. Children and teens can come to Our Space with their family and friends.



our spaceIs there a fee to attend Our Space programs or events?


our spaceEvents for Our Space are free of charge for all children/teens facing or overcoming cancer and other serious related chronic illnesses.  Their family and friends are also invited to partipate with them at all events.



our spaceWhat is the background of the founders of Our Space?


our spaceThe co-founders, Gail Erdos and Peggy Tryon, serve as co- executive directors providing the oversight, development and implementation of creative art activities and programming.  Both Gail and Peggy are artists with advanced degrees in education and over 20 years experience working with children in varied academic capacities, including teaching, tutoring, counseling and occupational therapy.



our spaceHow can I help?


our spacePlease refer to our “wishes” link. 


Please email us if you have further questions or want to speak with us. We look forward to hearing from you!



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